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Ride across America

We made it to DC!

Iain Lauren Bike across America

  • Day 41, August 16th: 67 miles
  • Day 42, August 17th: 81 miles
  • Day 43, August 18th: 77 miles
  • Day 44, August 19th: 81 miles
  • Day 45, August 20th: 71 miles
  • Total: 3,047 miles

August 20, 2023 | Just a quick update:  we have had a busy few days (with really poor cell coverage), but made it into Washington, D.C. today.  We were met by Tom S who showed us the way to the Lincoln Memorial and provided goodies (apples, bars, etc.) to welcome us to the city.  Thanks, Tom. :-)

Iain Lauren Bike across America

The last five days saw us get to Pittsburgh (on pretty terrible roads) then follow the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail to Cumberland, MD, then the C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal Towpath right into DC, the latter of which followed the Potomac Rover (which we swam in twice).  The GAP was pretty good – easy to ride, good services and fast.  The C&O was less enjoyable but provided camping, was flat and was shaded.  We camped out all four nights on the trails.

Tomorrow we head out to Annapolis, MD, to put the tyres in the water and finish the coast-to-coast adventure.  Then we fly home on Tuesday. I cannot wait!  To be honest, we cannot believe we are nearly done; we have become so used to getting up, riding 60 - 90 miles, eating and then finding somewhere to sleep, it feels unreal to actually be going home.  

Iain Lauren Bike across America

Iain Lauren Bike across America

Iain Lauren Bike across America

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