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Private Wireless Networks

Private wireless networks research for specific vertical industry segments

Private Networks Ecosystem Directory

The private networks ecosystem is growing rapidly with new companies announcing new product and capabilities almost daily and new partnerships and alliances being formed. The industry will grow significantly in the next few years and the ecosystem will continue to expand.

iGR's Private Networks Ecosystem Directory is tool to allow vendors, systems and network integrators, and VARs and distributors to find new partners and possible alliances, while also keeping track of the many case studies of private network deployments.

The Ecosystem Directory is built from publicly available information and includes the ability to search across the database based on multiple criteria:

  • Category (Systems integrator, Network integrator, VAR or distributor, RAN vendor, Core vendor, SAS vendor, Device & CPE vendor, Cloud/Edge vendor, Security vendor, Case Studies)
  • Industries served (everything from Agriculture to Utilities)
  • Network support (private networks, Private 5G, Private LTE, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, etc.)
  • Partner Affiliations
  • Number of Employees
  • Geographic scope and U.S. regions
  • Case study spectrum (CBRS or licensed)

The ecosystem is not designed to provide detailed marketing information on a particular company or to recreate a company web page; each listing provides links to the public websites of the respective companies. Our goal is to allow you to find new partners and see who else is in the growing ecosystem.

Access to the Private Networks Ecosystem Directory is free for iGR clients who spend $5,000 or more. To get a login, contact Iain Gillott.

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