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Custom Research

Focused on the 4G and 5G wireless and mobile communications and digital infrastructure industries


An acknowledged wireless, mobile and digital infrastructure industry authority and an accomplished presenter, Iain Gillott is a frequent speaker on industry issues and trends and has addressed worldwide audiences at many of the leading industry trade shows. We are available for custom on-site speaking engagements, such as:

Strategic planning sessions

For clients who are examining the direction they should take in the wireless industry, we offer one-day planning sessions with senior management to discuss the issues and trends in the industry. The result of these sessions is to highlight the best course of action for the client.

Client summits

Keynote presentations that are lively, informative and just plain fun are our specialty! Forget the usual boring, mundane, dry market research presentation – we go out of our way to make sure the audience remembers what we said and why it is important to them.

User groups

As well as presenting on relevant industry subjects, we have also conducted break-out and roundtable working sessions with a smaller number of key customers for our clients. These sessions are useful, for example, for exploring specific topics in more detail or to determine the preferred development direction for a product line.

Customer education seminars

As our customers have rolled out new products and services, we have assisted with educating their customers and employees. These engagements tend to be multi-city and include time for detailed questions and answers. Our depth of knowledge of the wireless industry is plainly evident in this type of setting.

Chair conferences and industry events

We are also available to chair and present at industry and vendor-sponsored events as required on a variety of subjects.

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