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Ride across America

Iain and Lauren's Ride across America

During July and August 2023, Iain and Lauren Gillott (father and daughter) are cycling across the U.S. from Seattle, WA to Annapolis, MD.  Total distance is about 3,500 miles and they hope to get the whole thing done in 50 days.  They are self-supported, carrying all their gear on their bikes, and camping as they go.

Why are they doing this? The answer is really ‘because it is there’ and because Lauren convinced Iain to do it.

They are raising money for MD Anderson Cancer Center, an organization that has made a massive difference to their family. Over three years ago, Iain's mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Thanks to research at MD Anderson, she takes one pill every day and continues to live a normal, active life!

iGR is grateful for any donations to continue the groundbreaking research happening daily at MD Anderson. iGR is covering the expenses of the trip as a sponsor, so any money raised goes to MD Anderson. 

Iain will be blogging during the ride. Please scroll down to see all of Iain's blogs.

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Iain Lauren Ride across America
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