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eBook: Private Wireless Networks for K-12 Education

Sponsored by Amdocs, GrayBar, Athonet, Bearcom, MultiTech, CalChip Connect and Baicells


Pages: 25

For K-12 school districts, private wireless networks have become a reality largely due to the federal and state money that has been made available via pandemic-related funding. In general, these monies have been used to build out broadband access in school districts to address the digital divide by providing broadband connectivity for students and faculty on campus, in buildings, at home and in the surrounding community.

Besides broadband connectivity, typical use cases for private wireless networks include security solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the K-12 campus, secure critical voice/data communications for staff, and a wired network alternative for access to campus locations, such as remote classrooms or temporary buildings.

This eBook highlights private wireless networks solutions and case studies from several vendors dedicated to the K-12 market, including Amdocs, GrayBar, Athonet, Bearcom, MultiTech, CalChip Connect and Baicells.

As shown in this eBook, there are a wide range of vendors who can provide the equipment, devices and services to a K-12 ISD to deploy a private wireless network. It does not have to be complex and can provide significant value in closing the digital divide.

Drawing for a Free Test CBRS Network

Every ISD employee who downloads the eBook will be entered into a drawing for a free test CBRS network, including a network and devices from CalChip Connect and MultiTech.

During the first week of January 2023, iGR will draw one ISD employee name out of a hat and will award the CBRS network to that ISD.

Executive Interviews: Private Wireless Networks for K-12 Education

Karpura Suryadevara, Director - Emerging Technology Solutions at Amdocs

Eric Toenjes, National Market Manager, Wireless Solutions at Graybar

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