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How to Create Actionable Outcomes with Data Analytics in Connected Buildings


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In-building wireless (IBW) networks can not only be used to support voice/data communications among people, but they are also an ideal platform on which to base an Internet of Things (IoT) solution which feeds actionable data into a building automation and control system.

A building automation and control system (BACS) can be seen as one piece of a larger solution referred to as an energy management information system (EMIS). These systems can take all the data generated by building sensors, utility bills, etc., and feed it into a machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) solution that helps facilities managers and/or building owners/managers optimize building operations and reach net zero goals while also improving tenant comfort.

This white paper, which was sponsored by Red Bison, discusses how IBW networks are an ideal platform to support energy management information systems (EMIS).

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